As I am writing this article, I am turning 40. What?? Are you kidding me? There are movies and TV shows that talk about turning 40 and about how old that is. I used to think so too, until now. When it is right here, I do not feel old. I also do not feel young. I feel like me. I know that might be difficult to understand since you don’t know me, but hang in there and you will find out what I mean.

Age has not always been a pleasant topic for me, and I know women in general can understand that. We are told to defy our age, look younger, and do everything to make sure that happens (anyone remember the movie, “Death Becomes Her”). I was in such a terrible place when I turned 30 that it made me nervous to hit any other milestone age. I wasn’t married, although I was with my now-husband for 10 years. I didn’t have any children and was one year into my nursing career. I was scared. I was lonely. I was so unsure about my future that I began making a mess of everything. Everything looked dim, but 30 came and went. Things slowly improved during the remainder of my 30s. We got married, still have no kids, but do have two fur babies and five crazy nephews.

Last year when I turned 39, I began to really look at my life. I looked at what I was doing with it and at the areas I could improve on. Three years prior to this, I renewed my commitment to Jesus and really wanted to find my true self worth and value. I began to really look around me and see where God could be calling me. I felt like I was supposed to teach, lead and share my experiences with other women so they wouldn’t feel as alone as I have at times. I had started writing blogs and online articles at the beginning of 2018. Then an amazing opportunity became available for me to help out with “She Found Joy” by doing outreach for the 2018 tour. I began to spend every lunch break connecting with churches and people all over the country. I began to feel a purpose and fire in my soul.

In 2019, I was hired to be the Content Editor and Outreach Director for “She Found Joy.” I began to write more devotionals and am leading a small group at my church. I have also been more involved with book blogging and launch teams. I began to go to counseling to heal from past experiences. I am also speaking at an event for the first time in the fall. Why do I tell you all of this? I tell you this so that you can see just how much can change in a year and in a lifetime. I truly feel as though I am in the best place that I have ever been. I am genuinely happy and filled with a joy that I never knew was possible. I do not see my age as a hindrance, but as a platform. I see my forties as a time for me to truly grow into the woman that God has called me to be since before the beginning of time. I have a genuine excitement for the future and cannot wait to see what happens next. God has a plan and a purpose for my life.


Gina Fox is a blogger, writer, Content Editor and Director of Outreach for She Found Joy, and a nurse from North Canton, OH. Gina is married to Matthew, has 2 adorable fur babies, Sugar and Bandit, and 5 crazy nephews. She leads a connect group at her church for women of all ages. She has a strong desire for women to understand their purpose and know they are not alone. She has also helped launch around 100 books. She loves reading, dreaming of sitting on a beach, and listening to music and podcasts.