I am no stranger to grief.
Sadness settles in my soul
holding on for dear life
teaching me fear,
anger, distance, guilt, shame.

I need not travel far to find it.
Grief balanced in my child’s laugh,
sadness claimed in the midst of joy.

Have I learned my lesson?

You come from dust and return to dust.
This truth sewn in my breath.
Unable to let go for fear of repeat,
I am no stranger to grief.


Andrea Clements is an early morning riser, a ponderer of life and a lover of all things beautiful. She manages an office by day and is a budding poet when inspiration strikes. When she isn’t carting kids around to activities or feeding the household, she enjoys swimming, yoga, crocheting and spending time with friends and family. Contact with Andrea at andrea_mae_clements@hotmail.com.