Since I became a travel agent, one of the many questions I am asked is why should someone use a travel agent. On the average you may spend up to 20 hours and visit as many as 40 websites before booking your vacation on your own. Travel agents are the project manager, deal finder, paperwork organizer and creative thinker for your vacation. Travel agents are a great asset to have when planning your vacation:

Travel Agents Save You Time

Everyone is so busy with work, family and kids sports/activities. Do you have the time to research a vacation destination, resorts and activities for your family to enjoy? I do! You tell me what your expectations are of your vacation, the amenities you would like your resort/hotel or cruise to have; for instance you may want a great kids club (so you can have some relaxing kid-free time). Or if you want to travel to an all-inclusive resort a great pool/water park and/or a beautiful swimmable beach may be very important to you. I take all your wants, needs and must-haves and search numerous databases while you take care of your family, and I’ll give you a few options to choose from for your vacation.

Travel Agents Have Knowledge

As a travel agent I am constantly learning about destinations, hotels and resorts so I can help you figure out which type of vacation would be the best fit for your family. I learn about all the amenities of the different hotel brands and which resorts have family friendly or adult only amenities. I also learn about cruises and their newest ships, the amenities each brand offers and the destinations that the different brands sail to. I also keep up with the latest Passport information and travel warnings; I can offer alternative destinations that are in line with what you want to do on your vacation.

Travel Agents Don’t Cost You Any Extra

When my clients book their vacation with me there is no extra cost for my services. I am paid by the resort, cruise line or tour company after you travel. When you book a vacation without a travel agent, you are paying for a service you are not utilizing. Some online travel companies like Expedia or Priceline charge service fees or have hidden fees; they build them into the cost that you pay for your vacation but may not have a live person to help you if you have any questions, concerns or issues on or during your travels. I am available to help my clients before, during and after their vacation is complete.


Courtney Sudhalter is a Travel Agent based in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Catch up with her on Facebook: CourtneyMLT, Instagram @anexperiencedtourist and on her blog or by email